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ARUS Townhall where residents signed petitions urging their city council members to address alcohol density issues.

High densities of alcohol retailers negatively impact community health and safety. According to a Los Angeles County study of alcohol outlet density in 2013, the city of Los Angeles ranked “high” for alcohol retailers that sell alcohol for on-site consumption (e.g. bars, pubs, restaurants) and ranked “medium” for number of off-sale alcohol retailers (e.g. liquor stores, grocery stores). Angelenos who live in neighborhoods with high alcohol densities know too well the problems these alcohol clusters bring along. From Boyle Heights to South Los Angeles to Koreatown, residents who live among these high densities of alcohol outlets experience constant threats to their well-being and their families’ wellness.

Residents do not have an accessible tool to address alcohol density in their neighborhoods. This is why we are working in collaboration with Alcohol Justice and the Los Angeles Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance to pass the Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistrict (ARUS) ordinance. The ARUS ordinance is a land-use tool that gives residents and neighborhood councils the option to create zones in a jurisdiction where no new alcohol licenses can be issued. These zones are designed to address areas in Los Angeles where alcohol density is contributing to nuisance activity and the deterioration of quality of life. By restricting the establishment of new alcohol licenses within these zones and with time and equitable development, the area can become the safe and vibrant community that all residents deserve.

The ARUS ordinance promotes proactive collaboration between residents, neighborhood councils, law enforcement, and elected officials to address alcohol density and the problems it brings along. With this tool, residents can exercise their right to make their neighborhoods a great place to live. By creating direct ways in which residents can influence how land is used in their neighborhoods, we can make Los Angeles a more vibrant city for all.

Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistrict (ARUS) Ordinance

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