Education is an important aspect of empowering communities. Through our Changing Communities Series, townhalls, and educational forums, CoPALM aims to build capacity so that community members feel informed and empowered to make positive decisions, and ultimately, become active leaders in their communities.

Townhalls & Forums:

  • ARUS Townhall​: In Spring 2016, CoPALM hosted a community townhall to educate and involve community members in a conversation about the scope of the alcohol-density problem in SPA-4. During the event, community members learned about a community tool called the Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistrict (ARUS) ordinance, and signed petitions urging their council members to address the over-concentration of alcohol outlets.

  • Cannabis Educational Forum: In Spring 2019, CoPALM hosted an educational forum at Los Angeles City Hall to engage community residents, service providers, business owners, school administrators, students, parents, and elected officials in a conversation about the impacts of cannabis in communities after legalization. Community members learned  about the new cannabis laws and regulations within the city of Los Angeles, as well as different strategies on how to address cannabis-related issues in their community, such as how to report an unlicensed/illegal cannabis dispensary.​

Changing Communities Series:

  • CoPALM provides training and workshops for any community member or group within SPA-4. Previous workshop themes include: the civic structure of Los Angeles, the process of alcohol-licensing, advocacy, and various ways to get involved in the community.

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Community Education