A mass resource list has been compiled to help those in need of support or information regarding food, housing/utilities, transportation, employment, health, education, and more. The resource guide is available in English, Spanish, and Korean. Click the images below to access the list.

You can also find local resources and other assistance programs related to COVID-19 by typing in your zip code here: www.findhelp.org


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a national public health agency with reliable information about COVID-19. The website includes updates, information about symptoms, and the number of cases within the United States. Click here to access their website.

Keeping our communities safe requires up-to-date, reliable information as well as connection to local resources. With all the uncertainties, fear, and  concerns surrounding COVID-19, we hope this compilation of resources provides a sense of security and support. During this time, please remember to practice self-care, in addition to the safety precautions set forth by local and national health authorities. 


The County is working together with the City to address COVID-19. The website includes resources, information, and updates regarding the number of cases within LA County. Click here to access their website.


The City of LA and the Mayor's Office has developed a website to include resources and information about COVID-19 as well as the Safer-at-Home Order. Click here to access their website.


‚ÄčThe World Health Organization is a United Nations agency, focused on international public health. The website tracks COVID-19 cases around the world and includes information about protective measures, and downloadable infographics. Click here to access their website.


COVID-19 Resources