• Limiting Accessibility and Availability of Alcohol: Tackling the issue of alcohol access and availability through the Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistrict (ARUS) ordinance.

  • Impacting Policy: Working with local jurisdictions (L.A. City Council, Neighborhood Councils, L.A. County Board of Supervisors, etc.) to advocate for policy changes on issues regarding:
    • alcohol-density, access and availability,
    • safe disposal of prescription drugs,
    • and prescription/over-the-counter drug misuse and abuse.

  • Changing Community Norms: Working with SPA-4 businesses (restaurants, bars, liquor stores) to address the consequences of driving under the influence through our Table Top Campaign.

Environmental Prevention

CoPALM and Environmental Prevention:

Environmental prevention is based on the public health model of affecting health-related behaviors by addressing communities. This approach emphasizes the broader physical, social, cultural and institutional forces that contribute to the problems within a community. Environmental strategies incorporate prevention efforts aimed at changing or influencing community conditions, standards, institutions, structures, systems, norms and policies.