Steps to Clean Up Your Neighborhood
Detailed steps on how to clean up your neighborhood. Each step identifies appropriate actions to be taken to successfully bring a positive change in the neighborhood.

Problem Documentation Form:
The form used to document detailed problem activities in the neighborhood. This form will help you identify and organize the issues in the community for reporting purposes.

Talk to Neighbor:
This sample script is used to engage your neighbors in community participation and organization. This form will help you talk with your neighbors and get their interest in issues arising in their community.

Sample Petition:
The sample petition template is used to address the issues that affect peace and well-being of neighborhood to government officials. With this petition template, it allows your concerns and voice to be expressed.

Zoning Sample Letter:

The sample letter to zoning administration that describe and inform the impact and seriousness of issues in neighborhood, including who, what, when, why, and how the issue affects the community. This letter will serve to urge zoning administrators to address the social issues arise due to hazardous environment.

Complaint Against License Form:

Have a problematic alcohol retailer in your neighborhood? Document the issues with the store here and submit it to the Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Neighborhood Clean-up Toolkit

This toolkit serves as a guide to address problems in the community through neighborhood mobilization and participation. It includes forms used to collect and document issues, to inform and engage community members, to write a petition regarding the issue, and to write a letter to zoning administration regarding the issue in the community. With this toolkit resource, individual members of the community can empower themselves and others to identify and clean up issues in their community.

This resource was produced by a partner agency, Community Coalition.