Policy Advocacy:

​​CoPALM builds leadership among parents by involving them in policy work and training them to be advocates for their communities. Parents actively participate in coalition rallies and press conferences, as well as meetings with elected officials in the local level (i.e. city councilmembers, county board of supervisors, etc.).

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Parent Leadership 

Since 2014, CoPALM has engaged parents and community members to address quality-of-life issues in the SPA-4 communities. With a focus on advocacy, leadership, and education, CoPALM builds on the wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion of parents and community residents, so that they may take the lead on finding solutions to the problems in their community.

Parents who are involved with CoPALM participate and support our efforts in numerous projects including:

  • policy advocacy, 
  • community education, 
  • and community-based participatory research (CBPR)

​​​Community-Based Participatory Research:

In collaboration with parent group No Más Licorerías (NML), Special Services for Groups (SSG), and L.A. County Substance Abuse Prevention & Control (SAPC), CoPALM worked with parents to provide them first-hand experience in conducting Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), making data and research accessible and comprehensible for their communities.

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​​Community Education:

Through CoPALM's Changing Communities Series, parents learn about and understand ​​the structure of local government and how to participate in the civic process. CoPALM works with parents to enhance their knowledge and experience, and provide them with the necessary tools so that they are better equipped to become leaders in their community.

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