Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, Pio Pico is a true reflection of the diverse landscape of modern Los Angeles. What makes this LAUSD middle school stand out is its vibrant music program. Under the direction of teacher Randy Rodarte, the Pio Pico Stage Band is a traveling band that has performed at The House of Blues in Anaheim, The Roxy in Hollywood, McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, as well as many of the local elementary, middle and high schools. From Rock & Roll (both modern and classic), the students are young but have old souls and musical skills to rock any crowd.

Girl in the Garden

"Beauty isn't what it seems."

A young, female art-repreneur. Through art, she documents her journey of life; finding her own unique voice, challenging society’s norms, and seeing the positive in everything.


"Sometimes it's easy to go back to childhood, and just want to make the simplest things as a kid."


David Cruz-Chevez, who goes by Davis Alexander, attends Santa Monica College as a Photo major. The name of this work is titled, ”Evergrowing Bonds,” and the reasoning behind the name is that when these photos were taken, it was a particularly rough patch in David's personal life, and having some of these people from his friend groups helped him move forward enough to a point where he felt comfortable with himself again.

Instagram @mushroom_jc

"This picture of my sister is about how we all have flaws that indicates our insecurities, but the other side shows promise and potential to really do better to help the world. We can rise from our difficulties to really make a difference towards our community."

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Chaos in the City​

"The city is corrupted, loud, and busy.
Some might say its too much to handle,

and to move to nature but
We destroyed it all.
The city is more convenient, simple, and more alive.
Others may say it’s better in the city.
We become a part of a corrupted system."

Caniya likes any and all art forms. She has been making art for as long as she can remember, and it’s always been a way for her to convey emotions she'd have trouble sharing otherwise. Currently, Caniya has been focused on acting and singing, and sometimes in between she tries to capture moments through photography and drawing.

Rise Up, Speak Out 2020

"This photo is my mom, thanks to her I rose from my challenges and past. She really helped me grow because of all the bonds that we created. I drew my mom as a goddess because she really is a goddess who helps in everything she can, especially in her environment. I love my mom so much."

Out of Time


Bryan is an up and coming filmmaker born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 16, he already has completed 13 short films. Bryan started making movies with the help of friends and classmates, and started showcasing his work at school assemblies and family gatherings. Currently, his goal is to graduate and pursue his dream of being a Director.


State of Mind

Inner Thoughts

"Inner Thoughts is an artwork based on events and emotions that I have experienced throughout my life and that I have decided to show all in one piece."

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As previously announced, our 4th annual Rise Up, Speak Out youth art showcase that was scheduled to happen on March 27, 2020 has been cancelled due to health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. However, in an effort to continue supporting our youth participants, despite the event cancellation, we will be showcasing their artwork on this web page as well as our Instagram (@RiseUp_SpeakOut). It is so important, now more than ever, to remain engaged with our community and youth amid all the uncertainties and concerns regarding COVID-19. We recognize that the young artists who submitted applications to participate in our showcase worked tirelessly on their craft, and we are committed to showing our support by exhibiting their work on all our platforms. 

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