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Driving with any amount of alcohol in our bloodstream can negatively impact our ability to drive. Hence, it is important to acknowledge the harmful effects of alcohol on our body as well as the potential danger we put passengers, motorists, pedestrians, ourselves, and others in due to driving under the influence, because safe driving requires the ability to concentrate, make ethical judgments, and react quickly. With the Table Top Campaign (TTC), CoPALM aims to address the consequences of drunk driving and impaired decision-making due to alcohol use.

In Spring 2019, CoPALM launched its initial campaign to address the harmful consequences of driving under the influence during the Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend. Our coalition partnered with 4 businesses within the SPA-4 area by providing them with materials such as table tents, coasters, and poster displays that contain prevention messaging about drunk driving. 

Since then, CoPALM has partnered with 34 businesses throughout SPA-4 and disseminated over 2,600 materials collectively. The coalition has been working hard to launch more campaigns, targeting holidays where majority of the public tend to drink. As a result, this project has grown quickly in partnerships with businesses; and thanks to our dedicated coalition members, Table Top Campaign continues to grow! If you are interested in getting involved in this project, let us know here!

Recent Campaigns and Partners:

Table Top Campaign